Friday, April 25, 2008

Bloggers Against Hunger, June 18

The forwarded message is from a blogger friend of mine. She's organizing a Blog Against Hunger day. Even if your blog doesn't directly have to do with poverty issues, please consider doing a post about something hunger related on June 18. You could publicize an event, promote a hunger-fighting org,post your own musings... Help raise awareness and maybe learn more about an issue yourself! Thanks!



The lines in the soup kitchens and food pantries are growing. More and more people need help, and not enough is being done to provide for those in need.

I'm inviting all of you to take on the issue of hunger in America. On Wednesday June 18, I need you to post a blog calling attention to the fact that the poor are getting poorer, while our nation fails to acknowledge the need to do something to change things. The ongoing cycle of poverty needs to end.

Think about the situation in your home town and what could be done to make a difference. Spotlight an organization that is working to make changes. Write about your personal experiences and actions. But do something to raise awareness of a growing issue here that is destined to grow worse as the economy continues to spiral downward.

Join Bloggers Against Hunger and post a blog about hunger issues on June 18. In the interim, you can send a letter to your local paper letting them know about the planned blogfest on June 18, notify your churches and synagogues and ask them to join in the effort, and alert your friends and colleagues to participate. There is a similar BAH groups set up on MySpace and Facebook, so let your friends there know about it as well.

Just a reminder that on Saturday, May 10, the Postal Carriers are doing their annual food drive. You can leave a bag of canned goods by your mailbox, and they will collect it and bring it to local food pantries. Do what you can to help someone in need.

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Unknown said...

Nice to see all bloggers uniting for a cause to eradicate poverty .You guys can also join our own community