Friday, September 11, 2015

The Power of One Small Action

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed you don't even know where to start? Sometimes I feel like I'm being crushed under a meaningless mountain made of laundry to fold, dishes to wash, forms to sign, deadlines to meet, schedules to keep, and errands to run.

After my last child gets on the bus and I return to the house, if the day’s agenda feels too big or too tedious, it’s as if I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like going back to bed. 

If this sounds familiar, I have a suggestion for you. When I feel this way, I need to start with something very simple and very meaningful to make me get moving on the rest of the day. So, let me offer you a way forward. Together, let's take a very simple action to save the lives of moms and kids everywhere before we plunge into mundane items on our to-do lists. Let's call a senator. Then, if the rest of the day goes ka-blooey, at least you can say you did one thing that was worthwhile. 

I promise that this is going to feel good. There is incredible power in starting your to-do list by doing one small, but highly significant and life-saving thing. It will give you the sense you can make a difference amidst a life of chaos that reinforces that we do not, in fact, matter.

Let’s take just one minute to call our senators and ask them to sign the Reach Every Mother and Child Act (S. 1911). The point of this common sense bill is to keep up the momentum of the great progress we made in the last decade when our country started changing the way we provided life-saving help for vulnerable moms and babies around the world. Improved breastfeeding, nutrition, vaccines, midwife training, and other cost-effective programs supported by the U.S. have saved the lives of millions. 

In fact, with the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and its global partners, the number of children under the age of 5 dying annually has fallen at an astonishing rate, from 12.6 million in 1990 to 6.3 million in 2013. Yet still, UNICEF reported this week that 5.9 million children lose their lives each year before their 5th birthday from treatable and preventable diseases. We need to keep up the progress. And we can. 
By passing the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, we can save 15 million children’s lives and 600,000 mother’s lives by 2020. 

All YOU have to do is call the Congress switchboard at 1-800-826-3688 and ask for your senator’s office. (Look them up if you don’t know who your two U.S. senators are and then just pick one of them to start with) When your senator’s staffer picks up the line, say: “I’m a constituent and I’m asking the senator to sign on as a cosponsor for the Reach Every Mother and Child Act. The bill number is S. 1911.” That's all!

They won't ask you any questions about it, but if you want to know more, click on this action link from RESULTS to learn more.

One moment please while I go make the call myself….
Insert your favorite "hold music" here...  

Nummy...but you don't need it
because this phone call is going
to make you feel awesome.
Okay…I’m back. I just did it and I timed it from the moment I started dialing the number to the moment I hung up. It took me 53 seconds. Now, it’s your turn! I know it’s one more thing in your busy day to do, but I’m willing to bet you a Lindor chocolate truffle that it will make you feel better. And if it doesn't, the truffle might. Go ahead...I'll wait....

How did it go? Got another minute? Feeling good? If yes, try calling your OTHER senator to feel twice the satisfaction. Or, if you really have to go, save that little tidbit to start your day off right tomorrow.