Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Could You Be the Next Shot@Life Champion?

Here's an incredible opportunity for you to save millions of kids' lives and grow increase your own personal power on a global scale. Apply to become a Shot@Life Champion at the 2013 Shot@Life Champion Summit on Feb 10-12 in Washington D.C. ! It's an expense-paid (lodging & travel) opportunity for learning about the need for global vaccines against the most deadly diseases for invaluable skill training for media, advocacy, and fundraising skills so you can effectively tell the world about how they can be involved in bringing the number of infant deaths from preventable causes to zero. It's a remarkable program! How do I know? Because I was one of the first Shot@Life champions chosen to launch the Shot@Life campaign last year. 

Shot@Life is a campaign promoting vaccines for children in developing countries to give kids everywhere a chance at, or a "shot at" (get it?) life and all the joyous milestones that come with it. As a RESULTS advocate, I was already a champion for global education, global health and microfinance. But I decided to take on this extra championship because I am also a mother of healthy children and the daughter of a public health administrator. Some issues just really hit home for personal reasons.

With the number of children dying from easily preventable diseases equal to the number of American children entering kindergarten next year, society owes it to these kids to give their parents the choice to vaccinate. It's the safest, most cost-effective way to save the most lives.

I want to shout it to the world that this has been one of the most fun and empowering experiences of my life. When I was accepted to be one of the very first champions before Shot@Life was even launched, I felt valued and honored, then scooped up and plunked into a room of 50 kindred spirits. Moms (it wasn't all moms, but mostly for the first champion summit) who are busy, loving, passionate about our causes, and always seeking to balance volunteering with work and caring for children. "All in" kinds individuals already used to throwing in all their skill and energy at something they believe in. Driven people who were similar in this characteristic, but coming from so many diverse backgrounds and skill sets as bloggers, pediatricians, advocates, etc. It has been so invigorating to learn from all of them and help each other grow. 

What specifically do I do as a Shot@Life champion? I advocate, promote and fundraise. Here's a glimpse at what me and my fellow champions have been up to:

I hope that gives a better view into what we're up to...and what you could be doing in 2013, too. Every action we take makes me feel more empowered and better connected to creating a better world for all children, including my own. Apply today for the Shot@Life Champion summitOnly 100 slots are available and the deadline is December 31. Good luck!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shopping to Give Kids a Shot@Life

Still looking for special holiday gifts? Maybe an early Chanukah caught you unawares or you're searching for a meaningful way to put the "Christ" in Christmas. I have a suggestion...

It's simple: By donating to Shot@Life or shopping at their online store this holiday season, you are helping to give the gift of a healthy life to children around the world. 

Take a look at these great gift packages that your donations can buy. I've added some pictures from my Uganda trip with Shot@Life to help you see the real kids I met who are healthy today because of generous donors like you.

$20 provides immunizations for one child in need
Photo: InsiderImages

$60 protects 3 best friends from deadly diseases
Photo: Cindy Levin

$100 provides 5 classmates vaccines they need to survive & thrive
Photo: Cindy Levin

$1000 provides vaccines for an entire community
Photo: Insider Images

Even better, if you donate now, you'll receive a 25% off coupon code to purchase gifts on the Shot@Life online store. Woo! My favorite items are the Camelback water bottle, the iPhone cover, and the ShootieGirl rhinestone T-shirts...hint, hint...but there are lots of other cool things, too!