Sunday, January 3, 2016

Make a New Year's Resolution Worth Keeping

A friend on Facebook recently posted: "What's your favorite New Year's resolution that you actually kept...and...GO!!..." Of course, the answers she got back ranged from the serious to the silly: 
  • Drink more wine
  • Setting up plans with people I said I'd make plans with the prior year
  • Try to drive the speed limit (It seems this friend felt she drove too slowly)
  • To get rid of toxic things in life
  • To love more and judge less
  • Never to make resolutions
  • To fight poverty
I guess it comes as no surprise to anyone that the last one was my answer. That same poverty-fighting goal has been a Lenten promise, a New Year's resolution, and any number of self-improvement plans for me over the years. Sometimes my methods differ from year to year, but it's rooted in the same desire to put me on the track to end poverty and suffering in the world. The trick is always to keep the motivation up to make real change for such a big problem. I've written about that it's hard to keep fighting the battles we need to fight continuously.

Here's my observation about resolutions and promises to oneself. They can be cyclical. They can be repetitive. It might take a while for them to stick or you might make the same promise in a different way. But the resolutions and promises should be absolutely worth doing. To me, what is more worthwhile than making systematic change to the world we live in to save lives? I plan to keep chipping away at the senseless deaths of children and mothers in poverty. I'll keep working to get more kids in school worldwide. I'll lift my voice to feed the hungry in my country and in others.

Whatever your goal is this year...make it a good one. Make a plan, find support, stay focused, seek inspiration, take action. Don't give up. And if you do? Make the promise again. 

So, I doubt that you are wondering, but in case you want to know my resolution for this year? To fight poverty...harder.

What is your resolution this year and - most importantly - how do you plan to keep it?