Monday, October 11, 2021

#ThisLittleGirlIsMe : A Campaign for International Day of the Girl

Image: A faded newsprint image of Cynthia 
in grade school selling candy for Camp Fire

This little girl, this Camp Fire Girl, is me. Back then, earning patches and singing songs was just a fun thing to do. I didn’t pay attention to how I was also learning about civic engagement, obligation to community, and care for the environment. I grew up and used my math/science skills to earn engineering degrees. But I didn’t anticipate that a far greater success was in store for me to pass my values down to my children and to write a book helping other moms find their civic power to protect all the things I loved as a child. At almost 50, I’m once again embracing the things that were most important to this little girl and making them a priority in my life.

Why am I sharing my story with you?

Because 70% of girls feel more confident about their futures after hearing from women role models. I’m honored to be part of the #thislittlegirlisme campaign initiated by Inspiring Girls International to mark International Day of the Girl 2021, October 11.