Monday, September 28, 2009

Social Justice for Social Moms- group

Move over facebook, the new word in social networking seems to be "ning"! A new site has popped up on ning which is aimed at engaging moms- who often feel isolated and mired in routine- in taking action to change the world for themselves and their children. Here are a couple of excerpts from the site:

"Join with other moms as we empower ourselves and our kids to take action on social justice issues like poverty, sustainability and peace."

"This is a space for moms who want to:
- connect with other moms in meaningful dialogue beyond every day routine of kids/work/school
- engage in productive activities that cultivate generous hearts
- develop skills to advocate for issues important to them"

The site is a place to have online discussions and live-chat with other moms who are in the mood to talk about social justice issues. You can see videos on related topics, go to websites of orgs to help you take action, and read blogs about how have Social Justice for Social Moms meetings with your own playgroup!

Click here for Social Justice for Social Moms