Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feed My Starving Children

At the Global Activist Expo this week, I met the people from "Feed my Starving Children" They are the only hunger group I know of around here that has volunteer jobs that even 5 yr olds can do! Anyone 5 and up can go to their facilities in the Chicagoland or Twin Cities areas and help pack food that goes to children in extreme poverty in 50 countries. The food they provide is a special mix of protein, soy, etc that is formulated for the needs of the nutritional challenges of the areas they serve. Jobs at the packing facility include scooping food into bags, putting stickers on bags, packing bags into boxes...really simple stuff. As a disclaimer for those organizing for a temple or public school, this is a pretty highly Christian org.

Here is the website with the video. Despite questions I have about the details of the "Baby Moses" story in the video (I'm not sure newborns in any country can process solid food?), I believe this is a good organization. It does have a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator. I hope to get down to the facility myself soon!

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Anonymous said...

Stop Hunger Now ( is another organization that runs a volunteer meal packaging assembly line! They are based in NC, VA, Arizona, and Mississippi. They have done meal packaging events with entire elementary schools before, including 150 kindergartners at once. Pretty impressive. They did 1 million meals in one day on 8/23/08. Their video is on their website