Monday, February 14, 2022

A Mom's Message on #Valentine'sDay

Image: My T-shirt says "Mothering is an
Act of Revolutionary LOVE"

Yesterday, my high-school senior shared a story with me after a weekend activity helping with middle-schoolers. They volunteer for a program for 
kids from high-risk environments, and the group was talking about Valentine’s Day. A boy shared that he always looks forward to Valentine’s Day because his mom makes hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries. He related that “everyone buys them” and then there is more money for the family to have things they need or something special. 


Image: Little toddler with a big strawberry
When the story began, I thought it was going to be about chocolate treats. Instead, it reminded me of a post I once wrote about how tax season felt like Christmas to my friend Maxine. The Child Tax Credit allowed her to buy new shoes for her children and replace worn-out clothing. I would guess the other kids in the class probably understood what the boy was talking about very well. Certain days can become infused with meaning and joy when they mean a respite from poverty.

So, I’m writing this little reminder on Valentine’s Day that there are lots of ways to be kind and love each other. There’s no need to rail against the commercialism of the day or “yuck” someone else’s “yum.” I just urge everyone to do what we’re supposed to do any day of the year:

  • Show love to one another
  • Do something kind for someone
  • Make some messy art
  • Buy locally
And because this is really an advocacy post, after all:
  • Call or write your U.S. representatives and senators to support the Child Tax Credit to make sure that lots of other kids can feel cared for in April. You can use this link from RESULTS to find talking points about it!
Image: Pre-schooler looking at Valentine's
themed window decorations

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