Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to Help the GCFD Meet Increasing Need

Last night, I attended the Greater Chicago Food Depository's Bag Hunger auction. It was, as it is every year, a very fun event. Seeing old friends, hearing about GCFD programs, and picking up a $140 bottle of wine for a mere $25 in the mystery Wine Grab were some of the highlights for me! But I wanted to share a few items from the remarks that Executive Director Kate Maehr addressed to the crowd. She gave a few statistics that were really quite staggering.

Kate expressed the deep feeling of gratitude she and her staff feel for the donors and at this time, especially when last month the need increased by 38%. The month before that was up 20%. And the month before that was up 30%. She assured us that the money we contributed that night would help GCFD continue to give a strong response to this situation and urged us to spread the word about how people can be involved to make sure no one in Chicago goes hungry.

With that in mind, I want to remind Chicagoans of some things to engage you in the fight against hunger in our community. You can find help doing all of these activities at

You can:
- Donate now on-line
- make a contribution at the check out when you see GCFD $1 or $5 vouchers at the grocery store cash register
- participate in or organize a food drive
- organize a virtual, on-line food drive
- Volunteer for a special event at GCFD like the June Hunger Walk
- volunteer for a re-pack session to break down bulk donations into usable amounts for hungry families
- Advocate and let elected officials know you support hunger relief programs (click on "Advocate" button)
- Contact the GCFD policy director and volunteer to go to their Lobby Day on Feb 25 to advocate in Springfield in person

Thank you!

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