Friday, May 23, 2008

Recent Call-in for McGovern-Dole

Ever wonder if those group advocacy call-ins to Congress are effective? Wonder if your call does any good or if anybody else is calling? Here's a little anecdote from a Bread for the World colleague of mine that is quite inspiring! It refers to the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education Program which passed with only $84 million instead of $840 million that the House approved. Disclaimer: The source is not on staff at Bread for the World, so it's just a feel-good anecdote and not an official press release.
"By the way - here's another story to lift the spirits of activists: About 3 weeks ago, BFW folks who had members of Congress on the farm bill conference committee, received an appeal for calls to support the House funding for McGovern-Dole. At that point the funding level in the conference bill was $60 million. Following the appeal, it was raised to $84 million. Afterwards, my BFW regional organizer said typically 1300 to 1400 calls are generated by their quickline appeals. For an increase of $24 million, assuming 1400 calls, each call was worth $17,000 for hungry kids- a pretty good return for about 3 minutes of effort."

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