Thursday, April 2, 2009

More detail on Kerry-Lugar passage

Just a little more detail on the Kerry-Lugar win (from RESULTS)
The Kerry-Lugar Amendment to increase the International Affairs budget by $4 billion to match President Obama's request was just approved on the Senate floor. The amendment passed by unanimous consent after it became clear that there were going to be enough votes to pass the measure. This amendment will increase the amount available to the Appropriations Committee to allocate to key health, education and anti-poverty programs. Thanks again for mobilizing quickly on this amendment. There were many organizations acting in unison to support this amendment, and it clearly made a difference.
Please take a moment to THANK those Senators who co-sponsored the amendment:
Jeff Bingaman (D), Barbara Boxer (D), Sherrod Brown (D), Robert Casey (D), Bob Corker (R), Christopher Dodd (D), Richard Durbin (D), Dianne Feinstein (D), Edward Kaufman (D), John Kerry (D), Patrick Leahy (D), Joseph Lieberman (I), Richard Lugar (R), Robert Menendez (D), Bernard Sanders (I), George Voinovich (R), Edward Kennedy (D)

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