Saturday, February 14, 2009

Take 10 Seconds to Secure $1 Billion for the Global Fund


Take 10 Seconds to Secure $1 Billion
The Global Fund's Success Is Causing a Shortage of Life-Saving Funds

Hi Friends,

I have an urgent, and simple, request. Hopefully by now, you've heard that the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria is facing a serious funding shortfall, totalling $5 billion. Unless more money is contributed to the Global Fund in the next few months, existing and future grants are at risk of being cut by 25%. The stakes couldn't be higher. We need your help to make sure the US contributes its fair share for 2009, which means $1 billion in additional funds beyond what has already been approved.

Can you take 10 seconds in the next 24 hours to email President Obama and ask him to include $1 billion for the Global Fund in a supplemental spending bill this Spring?

Unlike the big banks and investment companies that have been before Congress in the last year with their hands out, the Global Fund did not mismanage its money; rather the Fund exceeded expectations and outperformed themselves. This financial shortfall is a result of success, not negligence. Isn't it time, we as a country, rewarded that? We must provide the Global Fund with a commitment for $1 billon in the emergency supplemental.

Ask President Obama to include $1 billion in the defense emergency supplemental to help fill the Global Funds funding gap.

Many groups that RESULTS works closely with are also emailing the White House today. If we all take 10 seconds in the next 24 hours to email President Obama, we can show that thousands of people across this country support the US spending money to not just bail out big banks, but also to save millions of lives.

It's easy. Just click on TAKE ACTION , type in your name, and hit send. 10 seconds to help win $1 billion to save lives - what could be easier than that.

Thank you

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