Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bread for the World Credo: Charity alone is not enough

Why do I advocate? Why do I do what I do? Why am I a member of Bread for the World? This passage doesn't tell my whole story, but it hits pretty dang close to home for me. Especially the part about "charity alone is not enough." If this rings true for you...and I am not necessarily referring to the biblical references...please consider becoming engaged in the effort to feed hungry people and end extreme poverty in our time.

www.bread.org (christian advocacy resource)
www.results.org (secular advocacy resource)

Bread for the World Credo

We are moved by God's grace in Jesus Christ
To work for justice for hungry people.
They may be in the next house. Or in the next country.
No matter where they live, they are our neighbors.
And we have the power to help.

Charity alone is not enough,
We must urge our government to make fair decisions
So struggling families can provide for their children.

We must write personal letters and emails to Congress
And engage our churches, campuses and other organizations.
We must change laws and structures that allow poverty to persist.

When we turn our faith into action, God uses our voices.
Again and again, we win help and opportunity.
Two fish become many.
Five loaves become enough to feed a multitude.

God is moving in our time
To end hunger,
And we are part of this great liberation.

It is our mission to help our neighbors. Wherever they live.
They are hungry.
And we are Bread for the World.

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