Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Picks 2015

Mother's Day is coming up and if you're like me, you may be casting about looking for ideas. Here are a few of my favorites of the moment right now that will keep you away from aimlessly wandering a commercial shopping mall and help you find a gift that will also lift someone out of poverty or do some other good for the world!

Photo Credit: World Moms Blog
What's more adorable than a card that has the sub-text, "Hey, mom, I'm really glad we both survived the birthing process!" ? When you choose a $20 card in a customized, hand-stamped bag, four moms and 4 babies receive infection-preventing birth supplies to help save both their lives. supplies these simple kits and training for nurses in remote areas in Laos where becoming a mother can be a dangerous activity. See the World Moms Blog post about the Clean Birth Mother's Day campaign for more details.

Photo credit: Purpose Jewelry
Necklaces from
"Purpose" jewelry is handcrafted by survivors of modern-day slavery. This organization is linked with International Sanctuary, a non-profit that provides holistic care for young women rescued from sex trafficking. 100% of the proceeds from this jewelry benefit the employment of survivors. My favorite designs are "Journey," "Unity," and "Infinity." There are also lovely packaged Mother's Day sets available with the Unity design necklace.

Photo credit: FashionAble
Red + White "Game Day" Scarf from FashionABLE

Ok, I know that I put the Game Day scarf on my Christmas recommendations last year, but this bears repeating for three reasons.
  1. I did not receive one for Christmas (ahem)
  2. FashionABLE is about creating sustainable businesses for women in Africa to lift themselves from poverty with dignity
  3. There are so many colors that a stylish mom-activist can buy it to match the branded color of her issue or organization. I would like one in RESULTS red and white!

California Organic Flowers
You just can't go wrong with flowers...unless the flowers you give mom are ripe with the smell of human rights violations! Eek! These beauties are good for the environment and are cared for on a small farm where workers earn a fair wage before mom gets her hands on them. You might have to order them a little more ahead of time than calling the local florist the day before Mother's Day, but you'll be assured that you're not oppressing other mothers while paying homage to your own mom.

"Game of Thrones" Pottery Mugs...or any artisan pottery, really...

My favorite Ash and Griffen plate
If Mom is a Game of Thrones fan and fancies herself a Stark wolf, a Lannister lion, a Baratheon stag, or even a Mormont Bear, then the women of Ash & Griffin Pottery can hook you up! They have all sorts of mugs hearkening of earlier or fantasy times...all of a very decent coffee holding size. Actually, these ladies make all kinds of beautiful and whimsical things. But this suggestion isn't just about them. I urge everyone to consider buying from local artisans who make their living through their art. Chances are that most of the the people who make art for the love of it in your community aren't rolling in the dough. I strongly believe that handcrafted art is a benefit to our society as a whole and I feel like people shouldn't have to live in poverty to make beautiful things. So, find an artist your mother would like and make them both happy this year! (Photo credits: Ash & Griffin)

Not enough ideas? Maybe we don't share tastes? Well, take a look at Busy Mommy's post about 150+ Companies with Fair Trade, Buy One Give One Products or Who Donate a Portion of Proceeds. Surely you can find something in there! I can't vouch for those products I haven't used, but at least these companies are doing good and saving your mother from a receiving a blender for all the hard work she put into raising you!

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