Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Food Drive goes nationwide!

The last post was about a virtual food drive to raise funds for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, but good news! This on-line drive has been set up so that you can select a food bank wherever you are in the country. Select your local org from the drop down list when you are checking out. Once again, here's the info about it:
Obama Supporters Against Hunger and Poverty would like to invite you to join in the fight against hunger in our community by supporting food banks across the nation through the Obama Supporters Virtual Food Drive. All donations raised through the Virtual Food Drive will be earmarked to help the food banks purchase nutritious, high-quality food for hungry individuals and families. This drive was set up by the Greater Chicago Food Depository, but allows users to select the local food bank of their choice with a drop down menu.

Why a Virtual Food Drive? The answer is simple – to get more food to more people in need. Through the Virtual Food Drive, we can purchase food in bulk quantities, at prices well below the market rate. All the items on our food drive have been identified as ones that are in high demand. Won't you please join me in helping to provide food for people who rely on the food banks each week?

We believe Obama supporters can be actively involved in their community and the world around them. Please join us in supporting this effort from now until May 30 by visiting


The Greater Chicago Food Depository does not endorse any particular candidate or political party.

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