Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yukking it up on #RedNoseDay to Fight Poverty

I spend almost every day of my life thinking about serious things: children dying from lack of water or nutrition, parents dying of AIDS without options to secure their children's safety, teachers trying to educate children who are too hungry to focus on school work...this is heavy stuff. Too heavy to be weighed down with all the time. Too heavy to lay on my children as I find ways to involve them in helping. That's why I'm excited about Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day is a day in the UK, every two years, when people get together and do something funny for charity money at home, school, and work. There's a night on the BBC TV network with comedy and entertainment to inspire the nation to give generously. And now the idea has finally made it across the ocean to the US for May 21, 2015.

I love this idea of a nation-wide day of fun and laughter to bring awareness to serious causes. It invites us to use our creativity and silliness to change the world for the better. What can you do with a red nose? Take a selfie and spread awareness with the #RedNose hashtag? Gather donations for the number of hours you'll wear your red nose at work and around in public? Invite friends over to pay a charity cover charge to hear the neighborhood kids tell knock-knock jokes? Watch the live Red Nose Day benefit on NBC and call in a donation? It's all up to you and it's all fun. 

The American version of Red Nose Day will benefit this long list of charities: Gavi the Vaccine Alliance, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and MalariaFeeding America, Save the Children, OXFAM America, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Children's Health Fund, United Way, and Charity: Water

When I saw how many charities I already lobby for or donate to were on that list...of COURSE, I had to pick up a couple at Walgreens as I stood around waiting in line! I'm happy to say that our area of St Louis is completely sold out of red noses. I'm sorry for friends I see frantically posting about trying to find them, but I'm proud of my community for being supportive of a visible and goofy sign of support for some humorless issues.

But, hey, look. Don't take my word for it. You can watch the "William Shatner Explains Red Nose Day" trailer because...Shatner. 

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