Thursday, March 5, 2009

Barbara Lee introduces res: 1% of GDP for foreign aid

Feb 25, 2009, Rep Barbara Lee of California Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced legislation expressing support for providing, on an annual basis, an amount equal to no less than one percent of United States Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for non-military foreign assistance programs. Click here to see the announcement on her website.

"Yay!" that it is even an official resolution to consider, debate and inspire public discussion no matter what is in it! I don't yet know the particulars of the resolution or how it is being received, but I did think it was interesting is that ONE wasn't immediately jumping all over this. They are probably just being prudent and taking their time to develop a proper statement about it, but ONE activists in her district have been talking about how they are waiting on ONE's position...saying that ONE is waiting for the bill to have bipartisan support.

I mean, this is what many anti-pov groups have been pushing for...ONE more than any of them. So I hope they come out with a supportive statement soon...supportive of Rep. Lee's commitment if not for the details of the legislation. Anyway, I thought the existence of the resolution might make a good launching point for some media writing about foreign aid since ONE, Bread, RESULTS, Oxfam and everyone else are agreeing that no matter how much or how little we are spending on foreign assistance, we ought to be doing it wisely by reforming the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.


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GRR said...

That is a really good thing to hear, its great to see people who want to improve conditions around the world by helping expand aid programs. Furthering discussion is great and I found out about this cool contest going on on Mercy Corps' Global Envision blog. Each week they give away a $25 prize for their favorite comment. Great way to share your ideas and further the conversation!