Thursday, October 16, 2008

ONE poverty petition to the candidates

From the ONE campaign...

In the past week, more than 30,000 ONE members have signed our petition to Barack Obama and John McCain asking them to keep their poverty-fighting commitments to the world’s most vulnerable people. Together, we’re proving that, even in tough times, we stand up for our principles. And so far, it’s working. Since our campaign began, the candidates have continued to stand by the promises they made earlier in the campaign.

Now we need to keep the pressure on, and to do that we’re going global and breaking records. This Friday, October 17th, through Sunday the 19th is the “Stand Up and Take Action” weekend against poverty, when we’ll join the Global Call To Action Against Poverty and the U.N. Millennium Campaign to set a new Guinness World Record of 67 million people standing up, literally, against poverty – 1% of everyone on earth.

Click the link to add your name to the petition below. Show John McCain, Barack Obama and the world that Americans are serious about keeping our commitments to meet the Millennium Development Goals and halve extreme poverty and global disease by 2015. When you do, we’ll also add your name to the millions around the globe who are standing up against global poverty this weekend.

Dear Senators Barack Obama and John McCain,

As you work to find a solution to the global financial crisis, please do not waver in your support for the world's poorest people. It is now more important than ever to stand up for effective, efficient solutions that save millions of lives, strengthen the global economy, and win the hearts and minds of people around the world. I’m keeping my commitment to fight global poverty, and I ask you to do the same.

Tonight, John McCain and Barack Obama will take the stage at Hofstra University to debate one last time. At each of the last two debates, they’ve been asked what should be done to solve the current financial crisis. That’s a difficult question, but backing away from poverty-fighting commitments is absolutely not the right answer. Cutting off investments in life-saving solutions to some of the most wrenching global issues of our time would devastate millions of people and do nothing to get us out of the current financial mess.

A faltering economy doesn’t change who we are or what we believe in. And, just as we expect our elected leaders to help our neighbors here at home during these tough times, we also expect them to extend a helping hand to our global neighbors in their struggle against poverty and preventable disease. It’s the American thing to do and it’s one investment we know will pay off in the form of a safer, more prosperous world for all of us.

You can stand up for effective, affordable commitments to end extreme poverty and global disease by clicking the link below to add your name to the petition:

Barack Obama and John McCain have already gone On The Record in response to the call from ONE members like you, and made historic commitments to end extreme poverty and global disease. In two weeks, we’ll deliver your petitions and give them one more chance to reaffirm where they stand on our issues. Between now and then, let’s Stand Up, set a world record, and make our voices heard as Americans, and as part of a global movement against global poverty.

Thank you for making a difference,

David Lane,

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