Thursday, June 5, 2008

APB Online book discussion: "Common Wealth"

In an effort to get myself to read a book in a reasonable timeframe, I'm going to try something here! I have just purchased Jeffrey Sachs new book, "Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet." If anyone would like to join me, I'm going to do an on-line book discussion. I saw this proposed on another site and thought it was a cool idea because people can just weigh in whenever they get done with their reading and the posts will still be here for months to come for anyone who wants to read the comments.

Sach's other book was sort of difficult reading for me, so I don't know how this will go for me or anyone else, but we'll try the experiment anyway! I'm going to shoot for starting the discussion on Part One (that's about 50 pages) by the end of June to give people a chance to get the book and do the reading.

I hope you'll join in the discussion whether you have already read the book or will be reading along with me!

NOTE: (added later same day) A colleague of mine just informed me that the first part of the book is mainly about climate change. That's great for me because I'm really interested in how climate change and poverty are related, but just a warning that the poverty stuff doesn't kick in until later in the book.

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