Sunday, June 8, 2008

Advocacy action for IL

From the Heartland Alliance... ( I agree with the advocacy, but wonder about that stat that claims the 700,000 IL residents live in extreme poverty. I'm not sure they are going with the definition of extreme poverty which means living on less than $1 a day. I have to check out what they mean by that, but in the meantime, I still feel it is worth contacting the Gov to fund the commission.
"The Illinois legislature has left the Capitol for the summer with some unfinished homework on ending poverty in Illinois.

They took the important step of unanimously passing legislation to create the Commission on the Elimination of Poverty (HB4369). But the legislature provided NO funding to support the critical work of the Commission.

Nearly 700,000 Illinoisans continue to suffer in extreme poverty every day.

The matter is now in Governor Blagojevich’s hands - to both sign the legislation creating the Commission AND to make sure the Commission has funding to do its work.

To make this Commission and its vision of ending poverty in Illinois a reality, the governor needs to hear from you!

Please ask the governor to support this important work and help realize human rights in Illinois! "
Here is a url to help you contact Gov Blagojevich

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