Monday, March 10, 2008

2008 Offering of Letters result: 130 letters!

I'm happy to report that the Offering of Letters at my church had a nice turnout and was quite a success. Despite a rocky start when the organizer (me) didn't set the clock ahead for daylight savings time, everything went smoothly. Bread got baked, our pastor delivered a beautiful sermon (seamlessly linking the Offering of Letters, the lesson about dry bones, his own mission trip to Senegal and a even an environmental message...he's quite a genius!), people were gathered, letters were written. We collected 130 letters to Congress! This was my first time organizing the event and I attribute the much of this year's success to my predecessors who have trained our congregation well. And by "trained", of course, I mean "educated and informed" :) I found I didn't have to convince or cajole anyone to write. People came in and sat down right away, putting pen to paper. I loved seeing youth and seniors writing at the side by side!

Thanks to all the volunteers who pulled this off and especially thanks to all the letter writers!

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