Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Preparing for the 2014 RESULTS International Conference & Lobby Day

We're counting down to the day we'll leave for Washington D.C. for the RESULTS International Conference and Lobby Day June 21-24! This will make the second real D.C. lobby trip for my 10-year-old and the first one for my 8-year-old. Oh, sure, they have met with senators up there before for a town hall meeting. Plus, both done their share of in-district lobbying locally, but this is the real deal. They will attend conference sessions and watch movies to educate themselves on issues side by side with adult activists. On Lobby Day, we'll all don our cutest duds for a full day of beating the pavement on Capitol Hill.

I'm looking forward to helping them change the world as we learn more and ask our members of Congress to support education, health, and economic justice programs. THEY are looking forward to:

  • Sleeping in a the same room as a TV!
  • Seeing old friends...some of the RESULTS staff has known them since they were tiny.
  • Visting some monuments they've only read about
  • Running dressed as superheroes for the Everyday Hero Dash
  • Meeting face to face with Rep. Lacy Clay who usually has some toys or bracelets around his office for visiting youngsters
  • Saying "Hi" to actor Sean Astin, a.k.a. "Mommy's Hobbit Friend" or "Special Agent Oso," who is also attending the conference
  • Swimming in the hotel pool
  • Trying to find Rep. Jan Schakowksy in the Rayburn building who they used to lobby in Chicago and often had a moment to tickle or hug them like any good grandma would.
Things we still need to do:
  • Get haircuts
  • Make sure everybody has reeeally comfortable dress shoes that fit. (Every year those feet grow!)
  • Rehearse "Let It Go" for karaoke night (as if we haven't sung it 10,000 times this month)
So, there's a glimpse of what a grown-up lobbying conference looks like through the eyes of a grade-schooler. It's not too late to register and join us there! But if you can't go, but would like to show your support of our efforts, please join us in spirit by donating to RESULTS at our St Louis fundraising page. Your donations will help put on a great conference and we'll be proud to represent you in D.C.!!


Merrie said...

My brood will be there Friday and Saturday night -- and this post just reminded me about the pool, which a certain 5 year old will love. How is it?

Debbie said...

Fun to see what your kids are looking forward to. Hoping in another year or two that I will be bringing my kids too!

CCYL said...

The pool is small, but indoors and clean. All things that make me happy with young kids. The girls just look for "wet." Nice to have after a summer DC lobby day!