Friday, October 12, 2012

Shot@Life Uganda Trip Blog: October 10


A strange part of this Uganda trip planning is that I’m simultaneously planning a trip to Disney World for February and the juxtaposition of the two very different trips is giving me planning whiplash. My family is going to Disney World for the Disney Princess ½ marathon so my girls and I can run races and raise money for Shot@Life – the same organization taking me to Africa.

While I arrange to load myself up with vaccines for yellow fever and whatnot, I’m also keeping my eye on our advance dining reservations in the Magic Kingdom. One email tells me how I’ll have a layover in Rwanda while another is advising my family how to use the monorail to see me at the finish line at EPCOT Center.

The excess and waste we’ll be seeing in Florida contrasts sharply with what we’ll be seeing in rural areas outside of Kampala. I don’t feel guilty exactly – it’s a fundraiser after all – but it’s odd for sure.

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