Friday, October 12, 2012

Shot@Life Uganda Trip Blog: October 5


...waiting, waiting, waiting...

This is the day I’m supposed to confirm if I can go on the trip or not and I’m so curious to know who my travelling buddies will be. Patience is hard. Probably why it’s a virtue.

I want to be doing something. If this were a trip to Disney, I know exactly what I’d be doing: making advance dining reservations, buying airline tickets, putting in hotel room requests, etc. This is out of my hands and out of my league.

So, I’ll do some boring things instead. I’ve found a PPO provider travel medicine clinic to get my immunizations…can’t go on a vaccine observation trip without some shots! What’s the opposite of irony? “Highly appropriate?”

Really this whole thing will not seem real to me until they tell me the plane tickets are bought. The surreal nature of it is hard to shake. If it had been any other week this month or this fall really, I would not have been able to go. My husband works hard and we have no family here. But this happens to fall during a time when he was going to take a few days off to be with the girls anyway. It feels very, very right even though it is very, very scary! Scary in a good way.

A friend and mentor of mine – Ken Patterson, RESULTS global grassroots manager – has said, “When you get that cold feeling in the middle of your stomach and your not sure you can do it, you’re doing the right thing.” Guess I must be doing the right thing, K! 

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