Friday, October 12, 2012

Shot@Life Uganda Trip Blog: October 12

Now, I’ve really gone a little nutty. While I was out buying a bunch of tiny bottles of hand sanitizer and travel Pepto Bismol tablets for the trip (as advised by the UN Foundation and by my world traveling work colleagues), I made an impulse purchase of a “Buff” brand head-thingy that can be worn 12 ways. Mostly it’s an overpriced headband, but it can also be a neck gator or cover my mouth in a dust storm or – if unexpectedly waylaid in a Muslim country – completely cover my hair. In balaclava-mode, I could even have only my eyes showing. Or, I can be a pirate for Halloween, which makes it totally worth the purchase right there.

I truly feel that the UN foundation is going to take care of us, but I’d also like to have fashionable headwear that can get me out of a jam. Really, it's time for our conference call today to tell us what we really need, so I stop inventing things in my head.

It’s worth noting that I’m also typing this at the Original Pancake House. If anything bad happens, I want the knowledge that I’ve had a really excellent breakfast with bacon behind me. I haven’t had real bacon from an actual pig in a long time. Bacon is not found in our house normally and even if it were, it wouldn’t be as good as this bacon. Have I used that word enough in this paragraph? No? I like bacon.


CCYL said...

Points to local friends who can identify where the picture was taken. One friend has an advantage because I saw him about 10 minutes later, but I doubt he'll be reading this blog :)

CCYL said...

Bob had trouble leaving a comment, but I think a number of you RESULTSer's know him and his comment was so funny to me that I'm posting it for him. Thanks, BD!

"I know what you mean about bacon, as representing something you can't have, though of course it is mostly better not to eat it. But perhaps the Pancake House adventure has enabled you to be vaccinated against the Bacon demand! You can avoid bacon topped cupcakes, bacon flavored dog food, etc. And your blog is further evidence of what a great writer you are! Thanks! And thanks for your leadership in Shot@life and RESULTS, helping to save lives, and providing people with almost nothing, hope.


Myrdin Thompson said...

did someone say...bacon? I am so excited for you and this trip. Can't wait to hear about the adventure. But it is important to recognize the local/global balance. You do it pretty well. I'm totally borrowing that headgear when we are in DC this summer for RESULTS.