Saturday, February 14, 2009

Zip up your Snuggies to fight HIV & TB:Snuggie Pubcrawl 4/18

As of this posting, 1521 people are registered to put on the "blanket with sleeves" and go on a Chicago Pub Crawl. Honestly, this is so up my alley, I'm ashamed I didn't think of it...drinking beer, walking around Chicago, wearing a blanket, fighting extreme poverty. (singing) These are a few of my favorite things...!!!!

The team is donating proceeds from the event to the AC-Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania. AC-Orphanage rescues orphans from the streets of Tanzania whose parents have been victims of HIV and TB. Your donations will go directly to providing food, clean water, clothing and schooling for these children.


Attend the First-Ever Snuggie™ Pub Crawl in Chicago
In response to the stunning public embrace of the warm and cuddly Snuggie™, the Team is hosting the first-ever Snuggie™ Pub Crawl in Chicago. Even though it's just a blanket with sleeves, we're sure that you'll enjoy a winter evening spent drinking with friends and the Snuggie™.

What: A pub crawl in Chicago wearing Snuggies™

When: Saturday, April 18th
(Note: The date has been changed from March 21st to allow for additional time for our guests to acquire their Snuggies™ and for the bars to prepare for our volume)

Where: To-be-announced.
There will be multiple bars, entertainment, bands and drink specials.

BYO-Snuggie™ Bring your own Snuggie™
We are not providing our guests with Snuggies™. Purchase your Snuggie™ before February 28th to ensure it will arrive before the event.

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