Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jeffery Sachs on the Daily Show

Jeffery Sachs will be on the Daily Show on Tuesday, 3/18! He will most likely be promoting his new book, "Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet."

Sachs is the author of "The End of Poverty" and the man behind the Millennium Promise program. His book distills his experience of being an advisor for economies in crisis and explains why he believes it is possible end poverty and how we should go about it. Through Millennium Promise, it is his vision to attack all of the major problems of poverty (water, malaria bed nets, education, HIV/AIDS prevention, etc) in a coordinated effort for many "Millennium Villages" in Africa and prove that they can indeed rise out of extreme poverty and be self-sufficient. For those of you in Chicago, we have a local group connected to them called Chicago promise. A friend of mine recently visited a Millennium Village and had very encouraging things to say including the exciting fact that the effort was well-funded.

For more information about Millennium Promise, please visit
For more informaiton about Chicago Promise, please visit

“No part of the world can be abandoned to extreme poverty, or used as a dumping ground for the toxic, without jeopardizing and diminishing all the rest.” p.5, COMMON WEALTH

"Human pressures on the Earth’s ecosystems and climate, unless mitigated substantially, will cause dangerous climate change, massive species extinctions, and the destruction of vital life-support functions."

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