Monday, March 3, 2008

Using Fact Sheets at Events (Northfield Pantry Facts)

I'm in the process of making up a fact sheet for a food drive party we're going on Thursday. I thought I'd pass this along as a tip for anyone doing food drives or fundraisers for a pantry or other organizations. It's great to raise funds, but even better to educate and raise awareness! From a wine tasting to a pre-school party, it is always a simple and helpful idea to make up a 1/2 sheet flyer to hand to people as they come in the door. Try to find some surprising facts about the org that may catch people's attention. Thank the participants for their contributions on behalf of the receiving organization as well as your own organization. As an example, here is the copy for the flyer we will hand out about the Northfield Township Food Pantry.

"Thank you very much for attending the ----- Pre-School Bounce for Charity to benefit the Northfield Township Food Pantry (NTFP)! Here are a few facts about the pantry to help you know how much your support is appreciated and needed at this time. Did you know…?

• NTFP supports 376 households (over 1000 individuals)
• They are currently experiencing their highest number of clients in their existence.
• With every dollar donated, NTPF can buy over 14 lbs of food.
• The vast majority of community support comes in the Nov and Dec. Donations in the other 10 months are extremely low.
• NTFP supports people in Northfield, Northbrook, and Glenview and Wilmette.
• The pantry is located at 3801 West Lake Avenue in Glenview

------ Pre-School, the Northfield Township Food Pantry and growing HEROS thank you for your generosity!"

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