Friday, February 1, 2008

Obama Supporters Against Hunger and Poverty

For any of you Barack Obama fans out there, I've started a new group on called "Obama Supporters Against Hunger and Poverty" Come join us if you would like to share thoughts or read about Barack's role and actions in the fight against poverty!


MKSinSA said...

PLEASE pass this on

I have been watching (and participating) in a bunch of online interactions lately and have decided we need more. A critical Big State vote is coming up in a few weeks. I posted a blog about strategy in Pennsylvania and then immediately realized that we Obamakins need to do something and do it big.

Here's what I propose. Our support for Obama has been largely in raising donations that are used primarily for big media buys, staff pay, hotel stays and air travel (as is appropriate). But, to get to the heart of the Pennsylvania voters, why don't a bunch of us start at the grass roots levle and put into action something our candidate espouses? It makes sense that we start a drive for food and clothing to help some of the poverty-stricken folks in Appalachian Pennsylvania and West Virginia working in concert with some of the local anti-poverty organizations in the region. We could be Obamakins Fighting Poverty or if you have a better idea, let me know.

I realize we have just a few weeks to put this together, but what a powerful statement it would be!. I think it would do three things for us:

1. put our money where our mouths are,

2. demonstrate that the "cult" gets the message and

3. a possibile outcome might be that we get the attention (endorsement?) of John Edwards, who recently made an anti-poverty tour through this region following the footsteps of JFK many years ago and LBJ.

I think we could quietly put Obama over the top with some real altruism and heartfelt outpouring. I know this is short notice, but I'm going to start checking things out today and I believe we can get this together in a couple of weeks. Will you join me? We're starting to get information about food banks and community organizations in the region (we're hoping to focus on PA CD-12) and need your help. Please reply to this if you would like to be part of this movement and I'll get your email.

Anonymous said...

Please spare 6 minutes of your life and watch this film, and share it with your friends and family. This is a true story about hunger and its impact on human race when coupled with poverty. Bring awareness about food and waste. Bring change in your life and impact the world to make it a better place.