Thursday, February 14, 2008

Economist: Brazil's "Family Fund" anti-poverty program

The Economist ran an article in on Feb 7 about an anti-poverty program in Latin America that is being tried in other countries, including the US. In Brazil (who got it the idea from Mexico), it's called "Bolsa Familia." It's a conditional cash transfer program. In essence, families living in poverty are able to get receive federal money on a cash card on the condition that their children keep attending school and keep current with medical vaccinations.

The hope is that it will lessen the likelihood of poverty in the next generation through better education and improved health. It is also meant to stimulate economic growth in the poorest sections of the country. Some of the criticisms concern the possibility of fraud related to compliance of families, the possibility of it becoming a long-term program instead of a temporary boost, and the perception of the program being a way for politicians to "buy votes." Nonetheless, these programs are attracting attention around the globe. More kids are being vaccinated and educated while impovershed families are able to improve their own situations.

Here's the full story:

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