Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Obama talks the talk, but didn't walk the walk

Some Obama quotes from Iowa this week as reported by Mike Glover (Associated Press):

"Once again the lobbyists stepped in to make sure that big agribusinesses got the multimillion-dollar giveaways that they've come to count on," said Obama.

"Tom Harkin fought hard to pass a farm bill that stressed support for conservation and support for specialty growers," Obama said, contending the effort was deflected by the power of the agribusiness lobby.

"While the farm bill is a step in the right direction, I am disappointed that those who blocked payment limitations chose to put big agribusiness ahead of family farmers," Obama said. He said he "will continue to fight for meaningful payment limitations."

Amen to all of that, Mr. Obama. Nice speech. But where were you when you could have been making a difference??? We know you voted for Grassley-Dorgan, but you were gone (back making speeches in Iowa) for every other reform amendment that was offered. You even missed the final vote and stated that you would not have voted for Lugar-Lautenberg. I'm wondering how you will "continue to fight" when apparently casting your vote was not one of the methods you liberally employed. I was kinda thinking I'd like you to be my president, but last week... you weren't doing that great of a job being my senator.

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