Saturday, June 23, 2007

House Subcommittee recommends keeping subsidy system

In disappointing news this week, a subcommittee of the House Ag. committee recommended Farm Bill reauthorization keep the current farm commodity payment system w/o change. This ignored calls to reform the bill to make it more effective in helping American farmers, rural citizens and farmers of developing nations forced into poverty by US subsidies.

On Tuesday, Bread for the World president David Beckman noted, "It is not a surprise that the committee failed to pass these reforms. Nearly 25% of all program commodity payments ($8.227 billion) go to these members' districts. Today's exercise is like having the fox build the henhouse." A small group of lawmakers pushed forward a decision in their political best interest and passed up an opportunity to alleviate poverty in their own constituencies and around the globe.

After July 4th, the Farm Bill will return to the full House Agriculture Committee for markup. This is where citizens have much influence to lead their leaders. It will now be up to every member of Congress to stand up for policy that can help those most in need.

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AK said...

Hey Cindy, thanks for sending me the link. I know what this foray into the world of C-Span and politics means for you - so kudos. I need all the help I can when following these issues.