Thursday, June 21, 2007

House State/Foreign Operations Bill today

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote TODAY on the State/Foreign Operations bill (HR 2764) for fiscal year 2008. Yesterday, Bread for the World held a call-in day to call our representatives. The message was to support the bill and oppose any amendments to cut poverty-focused development assistance.

-The funding in this bill is critical to meeting our country's commitments to hungry and poor people around the world.

-The U.S. devotes less than one-half of one percent of its budget to poverty-focused development assistance.

-Poverty-focused development assistance includes vital cost-effective programs that provide nutrition, clean water, health care and basic education so that families can build a better life for their children. I believe we should be doing more to improve the health, nutrition, and opportunity of people around the world.

-Amendments are being planned to cut these important resources.

Sorry this was a little late. I'll try to put call-in day stuff up ahead of time. Hey! It's a new thing! I'm working on it!

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