Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Got to be starting something...

Well, this is it. After months of ignoring the "blogosphere" just because the word sounded too dumb to contemplate, now I find myself in it. Considering that I keep track of the "Buffyverse," I guess I have no room to be critical...

At the suggestion of some respected friends, I'm creating this space to be another avenue for my hunger/poverty work. After attending the national Bread for the World gathering, it became very apparent that I'm becoming a global citizen and the internet is the most powerful tool I have to keep connected with my colleagues as close as Evanston and as far away as Zambia.

So here we go!

For lack of anything else top of mind to post, I'll put my very first printed Letter to the Editor. Here it is!

Thanks to Schakowsky for taking 'food stamp challenge'

Kudos to Representative Jan Schakowsky, D-9th, for her participation in the Food Stamp Challenge! For one week, she lived on an average food stamp budget- just $3 a day. This timely gesture comes as the House Agriculture Committee is working on the Farm Bill, the legislation governing our Food Stamp program. Food stamps are our nation's first line of defense against hunger. Unfortunately, many recipients simply cannot make them last to the end of the month – even if they purchase only cheap, processed foods instead of the nutritious, fresh foods all of us need to stay healthy. Our food stamp program should be strengthened and expanded to help provide those in need with a reasonable nutrition level and assist their rise to self-sufficiency. Thanks, Ms. Schakowsky, for showing your leadership on this issue of hunger and social justice!

Printed in the Morton Grove Champion 5-24-07


Anonymous said...

Cindy, in honor of your first blog, I'm making my first blog comment. Blogosphere indeed.

Congrats on getting something started, we'll have to talk farm bill and ONE sometime (ONE is a minor client, a major client is working on the farm bill, of course I do computers so I really don't much about policy, but it's neat to say they're clients).

Blog on baby!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I'm not anonymous, I'm Frizz.