Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama supporters volunteer at GCFD

Last night, a group of Obama supporters came together to put their values into action by volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. We shared fundraising ideas, talked about our candidate, talked about poverty, talked about life and ...oh, yeah! ...we bagged about 1,500 lbs of corn flake crumbs into usable size portions to be given to people in need!

This was my favorite volunteer activity I have ever done at the Depository. Think about your box of cornflakes... hundreds of crunchy flakes perfectly formed and waiting for your consumption. But what about the crumb at the bottom? What about those crumbs back at the factory? All of those crumbs are still full of needed calories and nutrients, clean enough to serve and eat, but just not pretty enough to sell. Thousands of pounds of crumbs that could be wasted. But because of places like GCFD, they are not wasted. They are donated by the manufacturer, repackaged, and given to those who might use it as delicious breading or eat it as cereal. Less waste, more food for the hungry. A perfect solution.

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