Saturday, June 14, 2008

I joined RESULTS

It's official. I just joined RESULTS yesterday!

RESULTS is a nonprofit grassroots advocacy organization committed to creating the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. RESULTS is committed to individuals exercising their personal and political power by lobbying elected officials for effective solutions and key policies that affect hunger and poverty.

This is remarkably similar to the other organization that originally turned me into a media advocate, Bread for the World, only it doesn't have the Christian basis to go with it. I'm very excited to expand my connections with this group and learn the things that they are teaching. Bread and RESULTS go hand in hand to accomplish a great deal of good work on behalf of people in need, so I'm happy to be a double agent in this regard. Don't worry, Bread! I'm still with you, too! :)

For more information about RESULTS, visit!

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