Friday, April 11, 2008

Local "Obama vs Clinton" Food drive competition idea

Here's an idea I had that anyone is welcome to use in your own local areas. I'm working on organizing a food drive competition between Obama Supporters and Clinton Supporters in Chicago. Our Food Depository has software to do a virtual food drive which lets people donate by going "shopping" on line for food at the prices the depository would buy it for and they will support a competition between to companies or orgs. I thought this could channel some negativity into a positive outcome. No matter who contributes the most, the hungry people win. All those supporters are democrats, right?... so that's what they would want! As pointed out by one of my on-line Obama friends, this is a lot like Stephen Colbert has set up for Obama/Clinton supporters to compete in donating to PA schools.

Only trouble is that I don't happen to know an active HIllary supporter to run the Clinton side of it. If you're in the Chicago area and are a Hillary supporter who would like to participate or know one, please leave a comment with some way to contact you (a URL, email, a drop location on a busy downtown corner?)

If you are not in Chicago, take the idea and do it in your area!

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