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Advocate for the Hungry (from

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Advocate for the Hungry
Posted by Laura
Have you ever written letters to your elected officials? I encourage my students to do so all the time, because a democracy doesn’t function well if voters don’t express their views to those who govern on our behalf. As an intern in a Senate office, I learned that those letters do make a difference: office staff keep a tally of what issues are important to constituents, and if they receive many letters and calls about a particular issue, you can bet the Representative or Senator will take note.
In an effort to influence elected officials to do more to help those in need, Bread for the World, a Christian organization that advocates for poverty-focused development assistance, is gearing up for its 2008 Offering of Letters campaign. This year’s campaign focuses on getting Congress to approve increased funding to meet the Millennium Development Goals, an international initiative to improve life for the world’s poorest people by providing universal education, reducing child mortality rates, combating disease, and other key steps to address the root causes of poverty.
Bread for the World helps faith communities and other groups organize letter-writing events to help get this legislation passed. Next month I’ll be attending a workshop to learn how to organize an Offering of Letters at my church and on campus and how to be a better advocate for the poor. Will you join me? Consider attending a training workshop or reading up on how to organize an Offering of Letters, or join Bread for the World’s Facebook group to learn more. Most importantly, write your elected officials and tell them that you care about helping those in need.
Take Action Today:
Organize a letter-writing campaign at your church or community group to influence elected officials to help those in need.

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