Saturday, December 22, 2007

How you can help fight hunger in the Chicago area

From the Greater Chicago Food Depository...
Help us fill our shelves
The shelves at the Greater Chicago Food Depository and those of its member pantries are emptier than usual this holiday season. A steep drop-off in food commodities from the federal government has made it more difficult for pantries to serve the hungry men, women and children of our community. In addition, donations of salvage products—the dented cans and damaged boxes—have dipped by 42 percent since 2004. Meantime, increasing numbers of people are turning to pantries, soup kitchens and shelters in Cook County. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, New York Times and Washington Post, food banks nationwide are being affected by similar issues.

The Food Depository’s response
The Food Depository is purchasing an additional 3 million pounds of food to help offset the downturn in federal government commodities. We also have been advocating strongly for a new Farm Bill, which determines the funding levels for nutrition programs for the next five years. The Farm Bill passed the U.S. Senate on Dec. 14.

How you can help
Our new One City, One Food Drive effort makes it easy for everyone in our community to donate cans of food at area Dominick’s stores and other locations. Nonperishable food donations are vital to our member pantries across Cook County. Your donations mean more now than ever before. Every one can of food will make a difference for a hungry person in the Chicago area.

Visit, our One City, One Food Drive microsite.

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